The root causes of aggression can be mental illness, criminal intent, religious fervor, political extremism, stress in the workplace, domestic challenges, or even stress from traumatic experiences.

Aggression can result in a wide range of behavior that at a minimum can be very costly to any organization and at its worst can threaten the safety of the workplace, campus, religious organization, or school. It can also threaten all of us in all facets of our everyday lives. Among the ways that aggression can manifest itself are shown below.
Although many organizations have some form of behavior or crisis intervention program, most programs and efforts of this nature do not prevent the damage of aggression -- they either just do not work or they respond to the crisis that results from aggression.

You need to be able to recognize the signs of aggressive behavior early, so your programs can move from being reactive to truly proactive in preventing the damage caused by aggression!

Aggression Management training and systems brought to you by the Center will allow the early recognition of aggressive behavior you need using objective, measureable observations that transcend:

> the root cause of aggression,
> the Primal or Cognitive nature of the aggressor, and
> the aggressor's social or ethnic background.

The training and systems offered by the
Center will provide the missing pieces that will make your existing behavior and crisis intervention programs truly effective. You also will achieve the consistent communications, responses, and documentation that are needed for these programs to maximize violence prevention, avoid wasted time and expense, and reduce liabilities related to untimely or inappropriate actions. You will know how to productively deal with aggressive behavior on behalf of your organization and in every facet of your daily life!
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Training and Systems that Prevent Violence
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Today’s workplaces, schools and campuses and the communities in which we live are very challenging environments. Leaders, managers and administrators are faced with ever increasing demands to protect employees, faculty, staff, students, and visitors in the workplace and on campus at a time when aggressive behavior is becoming more common and budgets are under extreme pressure.

Center for Aggression Management exists to prevent violence. We do this by providing training and systems that allow users to recognize and respond to aggressors as their aggressive behavior emerges. With the skills and systems needed to recognize emerging aggressive behavior at its early stages and to respond appropriately, users truly can be proactive in preventing violence.
• Workplace Violence
• Campus Violence
• School Violence
• Domestic Violence
• Church Violence
• Labor Disputes
• Militancy and Terrorism
• Bullying
• Verbal Abuse
• Discrimination
We find that aggressors can be of two major types.

Primal Aggressor shows obvious signs of agitation and is adrenaline driven.

Cognitive Aggressor is intent driven, may seem very calm, and is often the more dangerous aggressor. This is the person that will become the next random shooter or terrorist.
Aggression - Its Roots, Manifestations, Costs, and Prevention!
Preventing Violence -- Using Aggression Management